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Our History

Since 2009, CIBC has served as the Market Entry Consulting division of Concept Management Consulting Limited (CMCL), an established Strategy Consulting company. Since 1997 CMCL was running India Entry assignments internally which were hived off into a new entity in 2009. Overseas companies appreciate our unique ability to understand markets, investigate opportunities and initiate start up operations in BRIC markets. CIBC also shows companies how to compete more effectively and expand more efficiently in emerging markets. With more than 200 years of combined consulting experience across industry sectors, we become the one to rely on when foreign companies want to achieve their emerging market entry goals.

For companies not already present in emerging markets, CIBC offers strategic advice and implementation assistance, including incubation support to reduce risks of higher costs and higher gestation times.

For foreign companies already doing business in emerging markets, we help improve profitability and overall performance by performing a diagnostic assessment of the company and key competitors. Some of the best companies in their respective industries have benefitted from our key role in helping them with their International business plans.

At CIBC we demand excellence in ourselves and in others. This allows us to attract and retain extraordinary talent, which, in turn, allows us to deliver sustainable, long term economic value to our clients. Let us be your outsourced implementation partner for setting up business in the Indian market.