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Financial Advisory & Support

  • Equity & debt syndication
  • Syndicated over INR 20 billion in debt
  • Expertise in all domestic and international credit facilities reducing Cost of Capital & Debt Restructuring
  • Expertise in structuring and achieving financial closure
  • Structured several unprecedented financial products and customized financial solutions to help SMBs
  • Advised clients in sugar, media, construction and environment sectors on raising equity through private equity and capital markets

Shared CFO

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in a BRIC expansion is highly critical to success. Yet, far too often, small & mid size businesses end up retaining a CFO with insufficient skills, largely due to the budget available for this position.Working closely with our parent company, Concept Management Consulting Limited (CMCL) we offer highly competent CFO services that are shared, thus reducing cost while increasing quality of output.

Private Equity

Global investors are convinced about India's long-term growth prospects and India has now arrived as a promising emerging market across Asia. Our population is driving consumption and this is attracting foreign investors to participate in this consumption led growth story. Our in house research team have a knack for identifying small & mid size companies, which are mirroring the country's growth story.

We look for businesses with a competitive edge, growth oriented business model and an outstanding team steering the company. We look for prospects to graduate to a regional / national leader and evaluate the business plan which supports the need for growth capital and provides for a clear exit strategy.

We treat capital with an owner's mindset and follow a phased investment approach, which involves:

  • Pro Active deal sourcing
  • Deal evaluation
  • Due diligence
  • Investment commitment
  • Investment structuring
  • Investment monitoring via active management
  • Value addition
  • Exit strategies